Union Castle line Menu

With a hotel as old as the Nellie, there are bound to many stories, many of them locked in the walls of history. Most of the old menu’s directories, photo’s  and old archives of the hotel got destroyed during a fire in 1993.  So we rely on guests and family for little snippets of history.  Some go back as far as 1935, in one such story as told by a stunning elderly lady who dinned at our hotel two years ago. She explained that as a youngster she used to play on the grounds of the Mount Nelson while visiting her grand father was the chef at the Mount Nelson in the thirties (I can not remember exactly what year). Now as the story goes if you worked on the Union Castle Line as a chef, if you were up for retirement you would retire at the Mount Nelson Hotel as your outgoing job. Nice retirement!  The chef stayed in one of the small cottages next to the small pool. The chef’s neighbour would have been the GM of the hotel.

Above is a menu that would have been served in the Union Castle Line in 1934, Tourist Class Fancy Dress Ball.

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