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Strawberry Jam


Strawberry Jam and scones

Strawberry Jam and scones

Tea is not quite the same with out home made strawberry jam, nothing beats it….maybe homemade apricot jam. We make the jam only for scone service served at tea.

Served with fresh cream or clotted cream. The recipe below is from our pastry chef Craig Hibert

Home-made strawberry Jam (Chef Craig’s Recipe)

Yields 6 bottles (1000g)


3kg Fresh strawberry
2kg Sugar
1 each Vanilla pod
75g Apple pectin
500g Sugar
100g Lemon juice


Take 1kg of the strawberries and blend to a purée
Boil the purée, the remanding strawberries, Vanilla pod and 2kg of sugar for 40min
Whisk to break up
Mix the 500g sugar with the pectin until well combined
Whisk the hot purée with the pectin mix (tip: combine slowly while whisking to stop lumps forming)
Place back on the heat for 20min, stirring every now and then to stop it burn on the bottom
Add the lemon juice and boil for a further 5min
Sterilize the jar by steaming the or boil in boiling water for 15min
Fill the jar and steam for an extra 5min to seal the jar

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Fitto Misto

fritto misto

fritto misto

This weeks menu highlight we showcase fritto misto.

Initially we put on a cold seafood platter to show case some opulence. But as in any kitchen we needed to turn stock very quickly, so we decided last minute when doing the menu that we needed to include a mixed bag of fried fish and vegetables as well. This was not a mistake as it outsells most of the other starters.

This mixed fry with a selection of fruits from the sea include prawns, mussels, line fish, oysters, crab is served crisp with a homemade roasted garlic aioli.(I love this with just a bowl of fries)

It is also testimony that people like fried simplicity.

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