Broccoli salad with quinoa and nut fried egg

Broccoli salad with quinoa and nut fried egg

Abalimi means ‘the planters’ in Xhosa, and this urban farming project is run in the communities of Khayelitsha,  Langa, Phillippi and other surrounding areas on the Cape flats. The project runs organic food growing and nature conservation projects to create self-help job creation, alleviate poverty and to encourage environmental renewal. Vegetables and sometime fruit grown in the gardens is sold as boxed vegetables through the Harvest of Hope kitchen; the box will differ each week based on what comes out of the garden that week.

This is where we have created a Abalimi Bezekhaya salad that changes weekly and sometimes daily based on the ingredients supplied in the box. Chef’s in Planet are required to come up with a salad daily that reflect the freshness of ingredients supplied in the box.

It has allowed us to understand seasonal availability of ingredients, it has also forced us to think out side our comfort zones. Create with what you have and not what you want.

Look out for more stories, pictures of salad as we move from one week to the next.

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