Potato and anchovy dressing

If we added egg and tuna we would almost have niçoise salad. Potatoes and beans just love anchovies, we added a couple faithful’s into the layers with olives, blanched asparagus and crispy fried capers with radish to finish.
With the salty ness of the anchovy in the dressing we sweetened it with honey and added roasted garlic.

400g Asparagus peeled and blanched
400g Baby potatoes cooked and sliced
300g Green beans blanched and cut in half
200g Pitted olives
100g Lentils cooked
3 ea Radishes shaved
50g Capers fried crispy

½ Red Onion chopped fine
1 ½ tbsp Anchovies chopped fine
2 tbsp Parsley chopped
90 ml Olive oil
4 cloves roasted garlic mashed
2 Tbsp honey
45 ml lemon juice
Black pepper to taste

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