Beef Carpaccio


This weeks menu highlight we feature beef carpaccio one of the many carpaccio we do at the hotel, slightly different to the first dish invented by Giuseppe Cipriani with its contrasts of white and red.  As a young chef while doing my training I was taught that only fillet was to be used, for me this never made any sense and it still makes no sense, why would you want to use the most tasteless cut. This dish needs more flavour so for years we have been using sirloin and lately we have started using topside as well as tender chuck. As the beef is sliced so thin we wanted it packed with real beef flavours that speak to you.

We have this featured in almost all our outlets, with Parmesan, rocket, lemon, drizzle of olive oil and mustard mayonnaise, which is not 100% true to tradition. It is  so light that even the countess Amalia would have approved and  it leaves enough space for that ravioli.

Personally I enjoy shavings of celery with shaved mushroom with lots of Parmesan to go with this beef favourite.


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