Carrot Lox, #Fom the Pass

When I was working and the Mount Nelson, we were working on a lot of plant based vegan concepts, with so many of the ideas Kirstin was instrumental in this idea. With so many ideas she was the driving force in meticulous recording and doing trail after trial. She made it easy, she was the driving force in the discoveries and excecution.

We were working on ideas for afternoon tea, Kirstin worked on an idea to making a smoked carrot to replace smoked salmon on the tea sandwiches. This was genius, by no way a new idea. She just made it perfect. With a combination of salt baking and smoking, then finally finishing off with some olive oil.

I decided to use the same concept and create a new dish for our vegan guests. With a almond curd, toasted almond, pickled shallots. 

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