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#Fromthepass taste of Peru


We change the dishes up on a weekly basis depending on the fresh seafood we have to work with. A lot of the inspiration from this compilation comes from Dion’s time spent in Florida with a friend from Peru.”I will never forget the lobster ceviche she made for us during the intensely hot summers that we experienced in Fort Myers, the lobster was simply cooked with lime, olive oil, cilantro, salt and shallots rings she would place it on top of this rustic mushed avocado and ripe vine tomatoes”
We use multiple elements on the Taste of Peru that is shared at the table with some influences from across the world. On this selection we have, Marinated calamari with chorizo, basil and chili, Prawn carpaccio with crispy head salads and prawn crackers, Oyster explosion with curry oil and lime atchar salsa, Tuna tartare with seaweed puffed corn and a sea trout ceviche with fennel, radish and avocado.

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#fromthepass – Ravioli

Ravioli B

At the chefs table we celebrate heritage a lot, small elements from chakalaka to corn find it’s way on our menu often.In this dish with Smoked chicken confit ravioli we added the sweet corn in three parts as a puree with green chilli, charred sweet corn and puffed, then we added a little chakalaka oil to finish and for texture crispy chicken skin.

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We have been plated! JHP Gourmet Guide 2018.


Gourmet Guide

“It is the ingredient that creates possibilities for innovation” Rudi Liebenberg

In the first addition of the guide we were fortunate to be featured, this year the JHP Gourmet Guide featured 90 restaurants, with the top 21 Restaurants receiving a plate rating. I am humbled and honoured that we received a one plate rating for excellent cuisine. Congratulations to my Chefs Table Team for a job well done.

Other restaurants we share the One plate rating with for excellent cuisine, Aubergine, Camphors at Vergelegen, Chefs Warehouse & Canteen, Hartford House, Luke Dale-Roberts X Saxon, Marble, Myoga, Nobu, Terroir and The Roundhouse Restaurant.

Two plates, for exceptional dining that demands a detour, was awarded to Chef’s Warehouse at Beau Constantia, dw eleven-13, Foliage, Greenhouse, Indochine, The Pot Luck Club and The Restaurant at Waterkloof.

Three plates – awarded for world-class destination dining worthy of a flight, was awarded to three restaurants that were plated in 2016/17:

La Colombe, Restaurant Mosaic and the The Test Kitchen.

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Curried Duck Egg

Curried Duck Egg

We have always featured egg in some form or the other, it is after all the perfect meal. Recently I discovered a wonderful new supplier (Feed Me Free Range Products) situated just below Sir Lowry’s Pass with beautiful chickens, ducks and goose lying in the fields basking in the sun. Lou passed on some duck eggs to try, so I could not resist one of my favourites.

As curry and egg belong together, we decided to cook the duck egg at a low temperature, 63.3 C for one hour, at the base we placed a lentil dhall. Accompanied by a sweet and sour curry sauce, mango atchar, poppadoms and charred potatoes.

Photo credit – 

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Guanciale – Carbonara – part four – Journey with chef ‘D’


Simple Ingredients for Carbonara

For our chefs table dish we are making a home-made linguini with a Carbonara sauce, I was brought up believing that it must have smoky delicious bacon in the sauce and with-out it, it was not worth it. Of course this was bastardised form many versions of the original, probably because pancetta or guanciala was not available, but that is not the only part, as a youngster cooking in my mothers kitchen we added lots of cream, which is also an insult to this great classic, I think the only thing we got right was the addition of the egg and pepper not even the garlic and parsley I loved in the sauce was correct.

For this recipe the linguini was rolled slightly thicker so it almost resembled a spaghetti

Pecorino should be used instead of parmesan

This recipe is for four small portions

80g cubed guanciala

2 Tbsp olive oil
2 large eggs
50g grated pecorino plus extra for serving
Fresh ground black pepper
3 tbsp Cooking liquid
1 small garlic clove – at own risk
1 tsp chopped parsley – at own risk

250g home-made linguini


Bring water to boil, add salt
Over moderately high heat. Cook guanciala in olive oil until slightly coloured and fat has rendered but still soft, this is where some recipe differ as some people believe the pork must cooked until crisp. I keep the rendered fat in the pot when adding the pasta, but if you find it excessive pour some off.

Boil linguini in salted water and cook to al dente, then drain. Reserve some of the liquid.

In a bowl whisk the eggs, reserved cooking liquid add grated pecorino with black pepper

Pour linguini into pot with guanciala, remove from the heat and add the egg mixture and stir to combine thoroughly until all the pasta is coated. It is very easy to make a mess of this if done on the heat, turning the lush creaminess into scrambled eggs.

Serve immediately with extra helping of pecorino and pepper and enjoy


We present- Carbonara!

Next we will have to make another sauce, that demands the addition guanciala, a simple sauce not disguised with herbs, onion and garlic – Amatriciana




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Chefs table

october 2012 240

Chef Table Black Board Menu

Chef’s Table

The last four months have been a fantastic experience at our very small eatery at the heart and the soul of the  engine. With only four tables and a maximum of 12 guests,  it has become more than just a dinner experience. Everything from the sounds, noise, smells is unedited, it is raw. Everyday we start with a new script with no rehearsal, a blank canvass with only the raw ingredient and lots of ideas.  It is all about the food and what we as chefs enjoy eating and experiencing.

The centre stage, the ingredient, respect and transparency. We do not want to hide, we want to explore.

We say five courses but the reality is that it is slightly more. As we have so many processes that happen at any given time in the kitchen it is easy to be creative, from the salmon being cured in production, the duck confit in progress in the banqueting kitchen, the slow cooked lamb neck from the klein karoo, everything ends up being displayed and enjoyed at the chef’s table. No matter where it is destined for in the hotel, it must be good enough for the chefs table experience.

We want guest to enjoy and relax, enjoy the evening with a beer or favourite wine.

Be sure to ask one of the chefs what is available in the small deli fridge where we hide home made jam, chutney, atchar and duck rillettes.

Open every night from 18:30 except Sundays

Menu costs R595 p/p

Wine pairing R995 p/p

For reservations essential | +27-21-483 1948

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Chef D’s Tartare

Chef Dee's tartare

Chef Dee’s tartare

Chef Dee’s Tartare

We have many secrets in a kitchen like ours, one is the secret spice mix in this tartare. Not even I am allowed to know what is in it. We serve the tartare as a starter or a main with slow cooked egg yolk from farmer Angus, the sweet and sour pickles, grass fed beef, char grilled baguettes,  through in some fries and you are good to go.

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New Chef’s Table restaurant opens in the heart of Belmond Mount Nelson Hotel’s kitchens



chef aprons

10 different colours

Starting on Monday 3 November, 2014 …all systems go! It has been a dream for five years, to serve smaller tables as our guests in the kitchen.

The Chef’s Table restaurant is located in an alcove in the sizzling hotel kitchens where guests will have the opportunity to watch the preparation of  five sublime courses, playful, slightly edgy, interactive and theatrical culinary encounter. Created from the freshest local, seasonal and exciting ingredients

The Chef’s Table restaurant is open every night except Sunday from 18h30. The menu, excluding drinks but including coffees and teas, is R595 per person; with our wine pairing, it is R995 per person.  Reservations are essential. Please do phone 021 483-1948 or e-mail:

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