Potato Lentil Salad


In this weeks salad from Oasis Kim has made a great potato salad with a slight twist, combining potato and lentils in a light mustard dressing and Italian parsley. If this is not you choice of dressing change it up with a yoghurt dressing or a mayonnaise based one.

800g New Potatoes Boiled and halved
150g Cooked lentils
½ Red onion sliced
1 Cup picked parsley

30g Grainy Dijon Mustard
40ml Vinegar white wine
2tbsp Honey
90 ml Oil Canola
20 ml Oil Grape seed
1 tbsp Chives sliced fine
Salt and pepper
20 ml lemon juice fresh squeezed

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Honey & Balsamic Roasted Beetroot with Apricot, Labneh and toasted pumpkin seeds

Roaste beetroot and apricot w labneh B

We have a tendency to always add orange to our beetroot salad, so we tried this salad with slightly sour apricots that was roasted, would have been better grilled or pan-fried, keeping them firmer. Labneh is not essential as plain yoghurt can also be added.

300g Beetroot Cooked Peeled Cut into batonnet
Sprigs thyme as needed
150g Apricot pip removed
150g Labneh
30g Pumpkin seeds
40ml Olive oil
15ml lemon
30ml Balsamic
30ml Honey
Fresh Crushed pepper

Combine, thyme, beetroot, half olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.
Place into roasting tray and roast at 190 for 20minutes.
Remove and cool.

Combine Apricots, honey, salt and pepper
Place in roasting tray and roast at 190 for 10 minutes or put in a non-stick pan and caramelise. Remove and cool.

Combine and top with labneh and toasted pumpkin seeds

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Chickpea Salad w Fennel Seeds, Quinoa & Corn

Chickpea Salad with Fennel Seeds, Quinoa & Corn

Every Friday we will celebrate summer and feature a simple salad or not so simple, Chef Kim Grosch who looks after the cold selection in the Oasis, has put together some great salad ideas that she will share every Friday for the next year. In this weeks salad we showcase chickpeas with quinoa, this salad is very simple and can be changed to include cracked wheat, couscous or lentils. We have not added any garlic, chili or ginger. Wanted to keep fresh clean flavours with lots of lemon.

4 People

200g Chickpeas cooked
100g Quinoa cooked
30g Toasted sunflower seeds

Zest of one lemon blanched
1 Spring Onion sliced fine
1 Onion Red Roasted & Cut into chunks
5og corn cooked
1 Tbsp Chopped Coriander
Hand full picked Parsley
50ml olive oil
30 ml Lemon juice
Salt, Pepper to taste
1 Tbsp Fennel seeds toasted

Combine ingredients and serve

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