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Ceviche Our banqueting chef Jaco returned from South America two years ago, with a couple of Peruvian culinary secrets, after doing a South African food promotion at the Belmond Miraflores Park Hotel in Lima. Now the ceviche has become a regular favourite with the right balance of salt, lime, chilli and coriander. In oasis we add a little fruit element like mango or litchi to emphasise summer eating even more. While in Planet, radish and avocado with the occasional corn is featured.


Basic recipe

250 ml lime juice

15g salt

1 small onion cut into brunoise

3 garlic cloves finely grated

2-3 red chilies deseed and chopped fine

Pinch Zest of lime

1 tsp chopped Coriander fresh

let it stand for 10-20 minutes strain and use


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