Finding Burger Heaven (Part 19), Congratulations & Well Done!

Having lived in Ireland for just over a year I have tried several local burger eateries, and some big surprises. It is almost on every menu. It is after all a celebrated meal, a worldwide phenomenon. Gen whatever enjoys tucking into a meal whether happy or not, brioche bun, potato bun, sesame and everything bun. These are important as they hold all the combinations together no matter how weird or how wonderful.  

I do not take issue with any combinations as they are personal. 

But I do take issue with trying to find the perfect burger where everything is killed…..dead before loaded with your perfect combination. And before this gets lost, I must ask the question. Is it possible to taste the patty in its perfect form if well cooked?

or is the flavour profile different from medium or medium rare, or dare I ask Rare? 

What goes for steak must surely go for beef patty. 

Or does this open a whole new creative side where the taste is easier to manipulate as it is easier to hide behind  additional garnish needed to elevate the taste of welldone. 

I have always believed before tackling the ratio of fat to beef,  the perfect burger starts with its terroir, feed and breed. Take away the cooking technique and basting. 

All overcooked burgers rely heavily on the excess makeup and garnish for perfection. I just do not think the real flavour can be tested…tasted if over cooked. 

But then again, it takes a special skill to make a burger with the correct fat to meat ratio for a welldone beast cooked above 75…..

It is all about food safety, it is a well known fact that a burger is the cause of more food poisoning than any other food. In some extreme cases people have died, because of poor protocols where guests were infected with Shiga toxin-producing E.coli bacteria (or STEC for short). STEC is a particularly harmful type of E.coli that can cause kidney failure, particularly in children under five and the elderly. In 2016 a number of cases was reported from a single source that initiated a well done rule.

When beef is minced to make burgers, any harmful surface bacteria from the raw meat will be spread throughout the burger. So unless the burger is cooked right through, these bacteria can remain alive on the inside and could cause food poisoning.

On the other hand a steak that is seared over a high heat will kill harmful bacteria on the outside, making the beef safe to eat.

Essentially the rule states that to cook a burger properly, ensure juices run clear, the burger is piping hot all the way through and there’s no pink meat. Above 75 degrees Celsius. 

Admitting there is a gratifying part eating a well done burger, only because it is hot and not Steak Tartare.

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