Burger in Bar

What makes a burger truly great? You know – that burger that is going to make you sit back and sigh with a stupid grin on your face.
Four years later and I am still working on making it perfect, tweaking, adjusting and eating more than my share of burgers. When the burger sits on the pass tall and proud, ready to meet it’s master I always think ”it is not perfection yet”. We all have different views and preferences, so the task in hand is a very personal adventure, as it should be. I have sampled most of the burgers in and around Cape Town
That perfect burger must have layers of soft, crunchy, tart, sour, juicy, tender, crisp, umami and sweet all in one. I want to be able to pick the burger up and finish it, without the bun falling apart.
When we started our journey the patty was a combination of bought mince 70/30 meat fat ratio we added garlic, onion, egg, crumbs, worcestershire sauce, mustard, parsley, salt, pepper, mixed herbs and somewhere in between some chutney! It looked and smelled like my grandmother’s frikkadel recipe. In hind sight we should have called it grandma’s frikkadel burger.
We called it home made…The problem with this was that we actually had no control over what went into mince mixture. Realising this meant finding the right burger patty was a priority.
So the journey began!

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