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In my mind all the secrets of the perfect burger were supposed to be locked up in the patty. It is meant to be packed with flavour from corner to corner. I put this to the team and we started work. The thing is, you are tempted to add the whole pantry to the mixture to get it right. The problem is, the more ingredients we added the more binding agent is needed, making the burger far less than 100% beef.
Then the dietary/allergen nightmare started: “I am allergic to garlic” or “no onion with my food”, and so on.
So we started leaving out the garlic and the onion, followed by the mixed herbs. We believed that the mixture should always have eggs to assist with the binding, but slowly started reducing the quantity. The problem with this was that we still did not have control of everything that was going in.
The solution was in plain sight, we needed to take control of the meat mixture. First it was whatever we had available from all our trimmings in an approximate 70/30 beef fat ratio . This ended up being far too inconsistent.
Then late 2012, we decided that we needed to set up specific criteria for our burger.
We had a team chat and selected the beef cuts that we thought that would taste great in a burger, it is after all about the 100% beef.
Now we were on a journey to purity and flavour.

Finding Burger Heaven – Part 1

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