Previously I made mention that we were looking at changing the tomato chutney to brinjal chutney. So yesterday was the perfect opportunity. Dax Villanueva aka Relax with Dax was in our kitchen with Food24 documenting how we make our burger, as we are celebrating not only eating burgers for breakfast but for World Burger Day!

The brinjal chutney was great with hints of smokiness with so much umami characteristics, it lifted the burger taste to a new level. Sweet, sour, savoury, umami layers and layers. It was also the first time we made our burger with Afrikaner Cattle from Vryberg area from the Cloete brothers.

Up to now it was important for us to use only 100% grass fed beef and we have been spoilt for choice. At first it seemed that we were going to have a problem with the supply as we had a momentary lapse during the supply last year. We have used beef from Green Fields in Natal, Boran cattle from Brenaissance and Farmer Angus Beef and not to forget great people like Mpumi, Andy Fenner, Harman and Ryan Boone who have all been instrumental with sourcing right animal for our search.

At one stage we were even re-writing the recipe to bring in a third cut, it just made things worse. Not from a taste point, but rather from a choice point of view.

All the beef tasted was different, distinctly different. Having a recent conversation with Angus he once again highlighted the importance of terroir. This was very evident if you compared all the meat tasted from Natal to the Western Cape and further up north. The meat cannot be ignored, we have to make the right choice, it is after all the most important part.

How sweet is the grass?

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