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I like progress, part of progress comes because of feedback, some fantastic and some not so great. One guest mentioned that the meat was tasteless and lacked seasoning….this was a concern which made us run back to the production line. But the night before a guest from Dubai ordered just the patty, RARE! AND he loved it, so much so that he returned the next night again for the same. This man only enjoyed the meat no frills no fuss, only the meat. When he called me over he just asked, “chef, what is your favourite wine?” … it is on nights like this that we know why we do what we do

But with every little bit of feedback we listen we look we taste and we are critical…..we have to be. It was at this stage that we decided that we still had to look at the patty again, even if it was an isolated incident, we have to be true. It was actually a good thing that we had a look, because it made us realise that we had to change the salt. The salt needed to change and come from a reputable source, free from any additives: enter, Kalahari salt. Step one complete.

It has been over a long time that my burger thoughts have been wondering, we have been working on the patty, more salt less salt, more fat less fat. Quietly chipping away, checking and tasting and grilling and tasting. It is still not perfect.

On Saturday night we enjoyed the sum of all the parts. I had more questions, could I taste the cheese, but really identify it, did it really make a difference. Did the cheese enhance the overall experience? …I was more confused. Could I not just enjoy the burger? …. but, leave the cheese and immediately you know about it! Ok so the cheese stays.

What about the chutney? We have been working on a chutney for some weeks now as I am not convinced that the tomato chutney is working, I want something that will make me sit up and think when I take a bite. Over the years we have made chutney with almost any ingredient left standing about, always with mixed results. But the one thing that always makes a great chutney is brinjal, it just brings together the sweet, the bitter the sour and the spice all into the right consistency. More about this later.

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