Roaste beetroot and apricot w labneh B

We have a tendency to always add orange to our beetroot salad, so we tried this salad with slightly sour apricots that was roasted, would have been better grilled or pan-fried, keeping them firmer. Labneh is not essential as plain yoghurt can also be added.

300g Beetroot Cooked Peeled Cut into batonnet
Sprigs thyme as needed
150g Apricot pip removed
150g Labneh
30g Pumpkin seeds
40ml Olive oil
15ml lemon
30ml Balsamic
30ml Honey
Fresh Crushed pepper

Combine, thyme, beetroot, half olive oil, balsamic, salt and pepper.
Place into roasting tray and roast at 190 for 20minutes.
Remove and cool.

Combine Apricots, honey, salt and pepper
Place in roasting tray and roast at 190 for 10 minutes or put in a non-stick pan and caramelise. Remove and cool.

Combine and top with labneh and toasted pumpkin seeds

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