Vegan Dessert

Date crust filled with a creamy coconut filling topped with a mango glaze, served with a refreshing coconut and vanilla sorbet and a vegan meringue made from aquafaba to give an element of crunch (still one of our best discoveries of 2017) and a mango mint salad to complement the nutty and sweet flavours from the torte and meringue.

Chef Kirsten in pastry has been tasked to create a whole lot of dairy/egg free dessert/tea items for the tea selection as well as a la carte dessert options. Making these vegan items friendly to the palate has proven popular to even the normal guests, this dessert is currently featured on the Planet menu, but it does look like it will have to find a permanent home.
So ditch the dairy and eggs but not the flavour with this mango and coconut torte. Great for a hot summers day.

With the chickpea aquafaba, Kirsten has also managed to make the most beautiful macarons which is now featured on our vegan tea selection.

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