Once a week every Tuesday I receive that dreaded weekly call from Steve the “magic man”. It is not that I dislike Steve, it is the fact that I find it so hard to say no!  So last Tuesday his latest surprise offering was parsley root.
What do you do with parsley root, rooted parsley or Dutch parsley, known as a winter root and looks a little like a parsnip.
As Steve warned me the first batch would be small, this makes it a nightmare to clean. As I was not to familiar with this root vegetable,  I needed to experiment.  I needed to understand the taste profile.
Last season we tried the root the first time but they were very small and it seemed like a waste of time and effort. This time he had the right stuff.

So in between trying to sell me everything in his backyard in Porterville he explained how clean, stew and make a soup with this root, the lesson resulted in a puree that would go on the menu. The sample he sent was just n0t enough so for the experiment I made soup. Imagine turnip, parsnip, celeriac and parsley in one vegetable. It has found away on our menu. Thanks Steve!

Parsley Root Soup

We changed ingredients around a little so instead of celeriac we used parsley root and adjusted it adjusted it slightly. In the original recipe I used truffle oil, but this oil has fallen out of  favor in the last couple of years.
Serves: 4
450g parsley root, peeled, cut into small chunks
150g sweet potato, peeled, cut into small chunks
1 clove garlic peeled and sliced
100 ml cream

+/- 600ml chicken stock or vegetable stock
1 sprig thyme
30ml olive oil
30g butter
½ stick celery stick washed and cut
¼ piece washed and fine dice
½ onion peeled and fine dice
50g Cream cheese
salt and white pepper
2 tbsp chopped chives

Season parsley root and sweet potato with salt and pepper and thyme, place into a small roasting tray with olive oil and cream, cover with foil and roast for 45 minutes covered.
While this is happening sauté onions, leeks and celery over a moderate heat with butter until well softened.
Add the roasted celery root mixture and continue to cook add stock and bring to the boil.
Blend the mixture to a smooth puree. I like using a thermomix as it blends any wannabe soup into the smoothest creamiest velvety soup ever. If you do not have a very strong blender you might want to pass the soup through a fine sieve or chinois.
Remove and place back on heat, check the consistency and add cream cheese.
Adjust seasoning and serve.





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