Paw Paw Salad


Taken from some inspiration from the street food from Thailand where the hawkers walk around with all the ingredients balanced on their shoulders with mini charcoal grills for satays, counter balanced on the other side with large pestle & mortars to pound and crush paw-paw and dried shrimp salads with peanuts and lime on beaches and on sidewalks.

1 Green paw-paw shaved pieces
1 Cucumber shaved into ribbons
80g Bean sprouts
4 Spring onions sliced
80g Peanuts, red shelled toasted and crushed
20g Coriander roughly chopped
1 ea lime flesh cut into pieces

2 Chillies chopped
50ml soya sauce
40ml mirin
40ml olive oil
60ml fresh lime juice
1 tbsp Fish sauce
3 tbsp honey
3 tbsp toasted sesame seeds

Combine all ingredients for dressing
Combine with salad ingredients by crushing and rubbing ingredients together
Serve and sprinkle with sesame seeds

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