Duck and Plum
One Dion’s favourite ingredients seasoned with two peppercorns, black and Szechuan. Now even better since we have been getting our whole ducks from Lou’s farm just below Sir Lowry’s pass. As Dion explains this is how he enjoys duck seasoned with peppercorns, bringing a balance to the fatty rich taste and explodes with duck flavour. “I immediately thought of using stone fruit when I walked into the vegetable fridge one afternoon and bit into a green peach then a green guava and it reminded me of when I was a kid and stole green peaches and apricots from our neighbours trees when they weren’t around and we would eat them with salt and chili powder as we played in the streets, this automatically scram at me and said use me with the pepper duck”
Featured on the chefs table as part of a journey in the kitchen.
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