Quinoa salad 2

Quinoa salad

This easy salad was introduced on to the menu two seasons ago, thinking that we needed to a healthier option for the menu, I was making this at home and it was loosely based on a couscous salad I was making already, which was made up of nuts and seeds so we added some feta and sprouts, grilled chicken and then it remained on the menu ever since.

Quinoa and chicken salad
Yields enough for 6


400g cooked spiced de-boned chicken thigh cubed
156g cooked quinoa red
156g cooked bulgar wheat
156g cooked millet
20g toasted sesame seeds
60g crushed toasted cashew
60g dried cranberries
40g sunflower toasted
30g toasted almonds
40g pumpkin seeds toasted
50g goji berries
40g Dried cranberries
20g Italian parsley
200g Greek feta
30g spring onion
300g granny smith apple cubed skin on
30g mixed sprouts
20g pea shoots

120g basic vinaigrette
10ml Dijon mustard
10ml Honey

Combine basic vinaigrette with honey and mustard
Place all ingredients into a mixing bowl and combine with vinaigrette.


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