Roasted Tomato Salad

Slow Roasted Tomato with Confit Onions, Garlic & Parsley

We do not have a recipe for this, it just happened. I asked Kim to cook the cooked onions in olive oil, with garlic, pepper and bay leaf. I sort off had a plan, wanted a salad with a concentration of flavours that would normally be associated with a hot dish, served cold. We Cut the tomatoes in half and the large ones in quarters, seasoned them with garlic, pepper, salt, thyme and olive oil.
These were then placed on sheet and slow roasted at about 70 degrees for two days. The onions were left on a warm place on the stove and gently cooked through, never over a direct flame. The result was soft soft onions, but still retaining it’s shape.
Allowed the onion and the tomato to cool and gently combined.
Added some picked parsley, a squeeze of lemon.
Ended up sounding more complicated than intended, should add olives to this combination or even haloumi.

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