Broccoli & Asparagus salad with a Dill Yoghurt Dressing

Tender-stem Broccoli & Asparagus salad with sunflower seeds and a Dill Yoghurt Dressing

As we love yoghurt a lot, I have been looking for a thick natural Greek yoghurt for months, so Sarah at Wild Peacock found just the yoghurt we have been looking for, with no additives all the way from Natal, Milkwood Yoghurt. This is so creamy, could eat this as an accompaniment to every meal.

400g Broccoli Tender-stem blanched
400g Asparagus Green Cleaned and blanched
20g Sunflower seeds

Yoghurt, Lemon Dill Dressing

100g Thick Greek Yoghurt
20ml lemon juice
½ tsp lemon zest
2tsp chopped dill
20ml Olive oil
20ml Water

Combine all ingredients for dressing and pour over salad that has been arranged on platter, for extra twist add garlic and mint to yoghurt.

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