menu 1964

Lunch menu R1.50

…..Fifty years ago, add a carafe of wine and it will set you back R2.00.

In 1964 lunch was served in the main dining room, this was a large room with black and white floor tiles. The room extended from the now garden room all the way to the Bay room where the conservatory in Planet Restaurant is situated. It must have been a grand affair where  guests would have been in a hat a suite & tie and lots of fur. I always picture potted palm trees and ferns propped up against the wall with visions of Monty Python restaurant skit.

In 1964 the kitchen had seen four different head chefs the last being Hans Kuhnel who stayed at the hotel for 26 years until 1990.  When Albert Helms took over as the head chef. Chef Helms was in charge of the famous Grill room first in 1989, before he took over the whole operation.


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