What about Wild Peacock?
Having a great supplier is more than just placing orders and delivery of an ingredient, it is a relationship. I can only count on one hand those relationships that have developed over the last 20 years. One of these suppliers is Wild Peacock.
Wild Peacock’s fine food business was established in 1991 purely out of Sue Baker’s love of oysters! Other products slowly came into the range over the years through amazing relationships with chefs and producers, which has ultimately formed the backbone of the business. The philosophies of the business have remained the same since day one. Sourcing the best consistent quality, local as far as possible, with a massive emphasis on sustainability.
We do have a large basket with them, but that is because of the quality.
Today they supply the hotel with farmed sustainable seafood, from farmed Oysters, Mussels, Kabeljou & Salmon Trout, all from ethical sources within Southern Africa with green ratings from SASSI that are supplied either still alive or unbelievably fresh. But it does not stop there, they also supply us fresh poultry and cheese, mushrooms , caviar and lastly Valrhona chocolate.
Over the past five years the working relationship with wild peacock and my team has become very personal. They want to be a part of our success and , they do not know how to say NO, they aim to please….. absolute privilege to be supported by such a great family.
Thank you Sue, Ross and Sarah Baker

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