Xato salad

Xato salad

For me this salad is about the dressing as much as it is about the salad, I prefer calling the whole salad Xato and not just the sauce which basically is a romesco. Endive has never tasted better. The base of the salad is made up with olives, curly endive, anchovies, salted or tinned tuna and bacalao which is optional.
For the sauce I have used a combination of sun-dried tomatoes, charred peppers and roasted garlic. The bread has been toasted on an open flame.


40g toasted almonds
40g toasted hazelnuts
1 anchovy fillet
1 clove garlic
2-3 cloves roasted garlic
1-2 red chillies charred and deseeded
2 peppers charred and deseeded
2 oven dried tomatoes or sun dried
1 sliced grilled sour dough bread
50ml red wine vinegar
100ml olive oil
salt and pepper

200g curly endive
anchovies as needed
200g tinned tuna
100g black olives
extra virgin olive oil


Grill bread (I like doing over an open flame)
Soak bread in vinegar
In a blender combine everything
Season, sauce will be thick, water down if you prefer runnier.
Best to assemble the salad in layers with sauce between layers
finish with olive oil and more sauce on the side

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